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“Here sleeps a girl with a head full of magical dreams, a heart full of wonder and hands that will shape the world.” – Anonymous
Lucy is just 6 months old, and what a wonderful life she has ahead of her! Little girls are definitely something to cherish, and I know her family adores her so much. I have been blessed with 4 children, and working with little ones in the studio fills my heart with so much joy. Motherhood is definitely something that is indescribable. The amount of love we have for our children is something that others find hard to understand. Working with Lucy and her mama, Christine and I were surrounded by pure, unconditional love! This precious baby girl is as cute as can be, and such a joy to have in the studio.

As Beautiful As A Flower

The Summer season is here, and man, is it hot! Although it is pretty toasty outside, the nature is truly beautiful. The greenery, blue skies, and bright flowers make it such a great time of year to be outside and play in the sun. Although this session took place in my studio, we decided to make a theme that brought a little bit of the gorgeous nature inside! Filled with flowers, the backdrop we created was precious for little Lucy to be surrounded by. She looked adorable in the various flower headbands and hats that we used. There is nothing cuter than that! We also had her dressed in an anchor shirt with a fluffy tutu, which I loved so much! It’s safe to say that Lucy is a natural in front of the camera! So cooperative and sweet the whole time.
While this was a sitter’s session, Lucy wasn’t quite able to sit up without any help yet. I would suggest to do sitter’s session at the age of 6-8 months when baby can sit by herself. Because it was difficult to photograph her sitting up, we used different props – buckets, beds, etc to help her sit. It turned out just fine, and  we got some gorgeous photos in the end. I am so glad we were able to capture sweet Lucy during this milestone in her life. I had so much fun with Lucy and Christine, and I hope to see them back in my studio in the future! Lucy is such a bright little one, and I know she has an even brighter future ahead of her.
Baby Milestone PhotographyBaby Milestone PhotographyBaby Milestone PhotographyBaby Milestone PhotographyBaby Milestone PhotographyBaby Milestone PhotographyBaby Milestone PhotographyBaby Milestone PhotographyBaby Milestone PhotographyBaby Milestone Photography
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FINN Construction
2 years ago

Absolutely so adorable pictures!

kristina telnov
2 years ago

such a wonderful and warm session!

2 years ago

She is so cute!!! Beautiful pictures!

2 years ago

She sooo sweet model!!

Victoria Vasilyeva
2 years ago

Cute tiny flower among flowers! Love this session!

Olga Polo
2 years ago

What a sweet a baby girl!Lovely session

Olga Polo
2 years ago

What a sweet baby. Lovely session

Olga Kulakova
2 years ago

OMG! its just a doll! beautiful outfits!

1 year ago

Cute little baby girl!

1 year ago

The cutest flower I’ve ever seen

1 year ago

I was impressed of how many props you have

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