Baby Photographer in Virginia

Can you believe we are already headed into the holiday season? It’s one of my favorites, but it seems like I just finished setting up my November calendar, and its already December! But that’s ok because it means lots of fun and festive newborn sessions!

Baby Ayva was born last month at 6 pounds 4.9 ounces and 21 inches long – and she is absolutely perfect! She came to my studio when she was just seven days old. The one-week mark is perfect timing to capture those precious newborn wrinkles and details that will start filling out in another couple of weeks. She still looked like she could sleep in the palm of my hand!

Ayva’s parents wanted a full newborn collection of creative, beautiful images. They gave me some artistic reign in planning the session, and we managed to utilize quite a diverse set of backdrops and themes. Since Ayva was so sleepy and content, the session was a breeze! I loved working with the three of them.

One thing Ayva’s parents really wanted to include in their session was a little bit of their Indian culture and background. One of my favorite photos is the one with the red background and beaded scarf draped beautifully over her. Her dark hair and perfect skin really pop in this photo.

Photos for Every Season

We did photos for almost every season: soft florals, verdant succulents, autumn leaves (for this late fall baby), and even a sleigh and twinkling lights for wintertime. She was happy as could be throughout it all, and she even opened her big brown eyes for us in a few of the images. She looked as if she were trying to smile and look at all of the pretty props around her – Ayva might be an inquisitive little baby!

To spark some whimsy, we included a few sets of baby Ayva dressed as a gorgeous butterfly and some surrounded by peacock feathers. She was the perfect centerpiece in every single photo – I honestly can’t say which I like the best. Of course, we had to do a few classic newborn shots, too. After we dressed her in a white swaddling blanket and put a pearl wreath delicately on her head, I was about to go in for some close-up shots when she decided to open those gorgeous eyes of hers! Perfect timing! This little one already has modeling down.

Welcome home, baby Ayva!

Baby Photographer in Virginia
Baby Photographer in Virginia
Baby Photographer in Virginia
Baby Photographer in Virginia
Baby Photographer in Virginia
Baby Photographer in Virginia
Baby Photographer in Virginia
Baby Photographer in Virginia
Baby Photographer in Virginia
Baby Photographer in Virginia
Baby Photographer in Virginia
Baby Photographer in Virginia
Baby Photographer in Virginia
Baby Photographer in Virginia

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Wilson Jake

Wow, dc newborn photography is always fantastic. I cant wait to see what your pictures will look like this festive season. I know I cant be disappointed. That’s sure?


I love the indian background..indian baby photo is always awesome..cute baby

Ogunyemi Segun

Glancing through the Washington dc baby photo session, I am so perplexed. The baby looks cute!❣️


Baby Ayva is so adorable! It is great that you incorporate the Indian culture in the photos of Baby Ayva, my favorite is the one with the red saree. The one photo with the peacock feathers, was the hand gesture intended or not? Hehehe. Anyway, I think this is one of the great newborn photography in DC. Kudos!

Janine Marie Bocateja

Wow just wow! This so beautiful not to comment about this! Keep it up baby photography dc. Indian baby photo is so pretty.

Oyeyipo Oladele

Photography is another field trending out now. Washington dc baby photo session is one that I have witness seed life and it as so unique. The baby photostudio dc really made it.

Meldred Judith

This indian baby photo is very lovely to look at. Such an innocent face.


Wow, newborn photography dc area is sure looking great with this awesome photo shoot samples. They’re really lucky to have you on board.


I like the this background..indian baby photo is always beautiful.


I like the background..indian baby photo is always fine.


Wow these are amazing. I am a man but even I can see how beautiful it is. The subject is easy too. May it be an indian baby photo or otherwise, it is easy to come up with poses for them.

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