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I truly enjoyed being chosen as the best baby photographer for 15-days-old Ehan! His mom, Min Kwon, is the famous fashion blogger of Minkish. She has a great following and her blog is definitely worth checking out. She blogged and posted all throughout her pregnancy and gave fun insight into how she was feeling and the joys of pregnancy as well as a realistic insight into the fact that children and pregnancy are a blessing — it is not all easy!

Throughout the process, she maintained an active pregnancy and adorable style that showed off the blessing that she was carrying.

Having a new baby is a huge life changing event, but it is not the only one she has recently taken on.  She has also just moved to from New York to Virginia. I am proud she chose me as her Washington DC baby photographer for her first born.

The Kwon Family

The Kwon family was easy to work with. Min sent me her favorite colors and props from my portfolio, so I was able to craft the session to her vision and prepare ahead of time to be sure I got all of the images she was envisioning. Min really liked the different teddy bear images she had seen in my portfolio. We used multiple teddy bear looks and even a little bunny.

Ehan is precious snuggled up in the hats with matching mini stuffed animals next to him.  But I have to say, my favorite image is the one in the teddy hat and swaddle with Ehan and his stuffed friend hanging out together on the shelf.

Sweet Cheeks in Blues and Cream

His chubby cheeks and sweet baby mouth are adorable in that image.  Min really liked the blues and creams and shades of brown. This color pallet turned out really beautifully. I love that we took the image of him in the hatched egg as well as the one of him in the nest with him resting on the blue blanket with the flower accents surrounding him.  I thought it was a fun way to tie the theme together.

Ehan was such a peaceful little model. He slept the entire session, and was really easy to pose and change props and outfits with. Since he was so cooperative we were able to get all of these beautiful images in just an hour. I loved bringing Min’s vision to life.

Each Washington DC baby photo session is a creative opportunity, whether the client has a specific vision or gives me artistic freedom, I always enjoy the challenge!

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Being an artist who captures Baby Photographer in Washington DC is such an honor, especially when I have clients as adorable as Ehan!

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