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When I do a newborn shoot, I can’t help but imagine all of life just waiting to blossom out of that tiny sleeping body. Right from the beginning, you can see their own unique personality in the way they prefer to be held a certain way, their unmistakable cry, their eating habits, even the way the sleep (or do not sleep, for some). I imagine a little scientist, or maybe a book worm, or a skilled soccer player resting there. Who knows who these little ones will grow up to be?! 

This time is so exciting for parents. If I’m this thrilled about who they will become as a photographer, can you imagine how much more awestruck the parents of these sweet babies are? I know they are so elated to have this new addition in their life and excited to watch how such a tiny human can have such a big impact on the family.

Baby Isla came to my studio at exactly two weeks old, and she was as precious as could be! She had the softest light brown hair and the daintiest features. Her parents wanted to capture all of the magic from this sweet but fleeting stage and preserve their brand-new baby girl’s newborn features through beautiful images they can hang on their walls, use in birth announcements, and keep in treasured photo albums. 

That being said, they wanted to have a wide-range of styles and images to use for just about any purpose over the years. I couldn’t wait to get started on their collection! Given her beautiful name, they wanted the primary theme of the session to be ocean or beach related. We were even able to incorporate the theme very subtly in some of the more neutral, classic newborn shots by using soft sand-colored shells, backgrounds, and lace. She looked like a glimmering pearl resting inside her little shell. How symbolic: after nine long months of pregnancy, here is their very precious little treasure that had been waiting inside!

We had several color schemes going on, with everything from classic white to vibrant lilac and even some more vintage shots with muted hues of violet and green. The one with the tiny seashell bottom is one of my favorites. Baby Isla happily went with the flow throughout every set! I love them all, and I hope they do, too!

Welcome to the world, little one. We are so glad you’re here and can’t wait to watch you grow! 

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Nataly Danilova Photography is a multi award winning baby and newborn photographer certified by the National Photographers Association and proud member of Best Newborn Photographer Association as well as Professional Photographers of America.