Best Maternity Photographer, Washington, DC

This beautiful mother-to-be and her husband are expecting a beautiful little girl! I could not be more excited for them! They are first-time parents, so when they called to schedule a maternity session, I couldn’t wait to get them in and help them celebrate this wonderful stage before they become a family of three.

For first-time parents, they both appeared so incredibly calm. They couldn’t have been any easier to photograph, and they seemed to know exactly what they were doing with just a little guidance from me. Once Baby gets here, it is a whirlwind of adventure, so I wanted them to use this session to focus on each other and take it all in. 

Unfortunately, life doesn’t become less busy during pregnancy, so I always encourage couples to make time to enjoy the moment like these two did. Pause to appreciate the beauty of pregnancy as well as your relationship with each other as a couple. The family dynamics are about to change (in wonderful ways), but don’t forget to take some time for yourselves before your little one’s arrival.

To describe this session in one word: lovely. Daniella moves with such grace and serenity. After each wardrobe change, I was blown away by how incredible the dresses looked on her. She made the pictures come alive! We did a few couple’s portraits outdoors in the fresh air, then we came in for some dreamy – and sexy! – portraits of this gorgeous mama-to-be. What an amazing thing her body is doing, and what a process worth celebrating! After doing several light and airy photos with soft sunlight streaming in through a window, we also photographed a black and white silhouette image showcasing her bump. I hope this image shows her just how beautiful she is and that she feels proud and confident. 

Daniella’s amazing husband certainly reiterated that, as he was incredibly attentive throughout the shoot. It’s easy to see that he’s enthralled by his lovely bride and so proud of her for carrying their child. Their photos together were some of my favorites – especially the photo of him kissing her growing bump. Whether they know it or not, these two are so ready to be parents. Their love for each other is inspiring, and there’s no doubt that love will carry over in the way that they raise their little girl. She is already loved and cared for so much. I can’t wait to meet her!

Congratulations to this happy couple!

Best Maternity Photographer, Washington, DC
Best Maternity Photographer, Washington, DC
Best Maternity Photographer, Washington, DC
Best Maternity Photographer, Washington, DC
Best Maternity Photographer, Washington, DC
Best Maternity Photographer, Washington, DC
Best Maternity Photographer, Washington, DC
Best Maternity Photographer, Washington, DC

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She is just stunning!


She is just stunning


You have really done a stunning job of capturing the true love and essence of this couple. The photos are lovely and contain just the right lighting and balance to look natural and unforced.

Wilson Jake

For mothers during and after childbirth or for the care of their newborn babies, this pictures are adorable and the couples really look stunning.

Charles Harley

I am just loving all the shots. Her face looks like fact called pi which is 3.14

Obalade Damilola

Wow…this are amazing pictures.. The bride is really pretty..I wish her a safe delivery

Danielle M

Very beautiful pictures, the model has a nice skin tone and beautiful face that makes looks the pictures very feminine.


Amazing shoots and everything was just on point. I agree with you they are both ready to be parent.


You sure did take amazing photos. You have some great skills!

Meg W

The young couple looks so happy. It’s a good thing they gave you an easy time photographing them.


The shot with the black background has to be the best. I’m in love with it 🙂


The couple looks so happy and excited for their first baby. They will treasure these photos forever.


The lady has such lovely dresses that are perfect to show off the pregnancy. You did a great job with the photos too.


Wow, these photos make me want to get pregnant. There are all very lovely. I love all of them


I am not a mother yet but who knew having a baby bump can be a thing of beauty. I guess we are just used to petite women? A new definition of beauty and it can be a good thing. I commend the photographer for a good job.

Ola Hearty

She is quite loving and full of life. I love those shots


There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment….these are present ooo. Best maternity pics ever.

Oyeyipo Oladele

I love this shot of the beautiful and handsome couple. You must be a professional photographer with this clean and clear shots you showed here. The unborn child when born will see how cute the mother was when she was carrying his or her pregnancy. I will make sure I go for this when we are set. Thanks for this post.


This is a great picture..the bride looks gorgeous


This is really stunning. This is some eye candy. Really sharp photoshoot.


Being first time parents must be really exciting. This couple were lucky to get the services of such a talented photographer.


What a lovely looking couple. They looks so happy. I wish them all the best with their pregnancy.


This couple just look like they were meant for each other. The photos look superb too!!


Now this is what I call professional photography! The couple got real value for their money.


These two sure look ready to welcome their new bundle of joy to the world. I can’t fail to mention how totally beautiful all the photos look!


Maternity photoshoot has never been this delightful. These photos sure will win some awards, because there are nicely shoot.


There is always one special feeling that comes with maternity either before birth of this Gods blessing or during the care. Coupled with this show of professionalism, I wanna ho through child birth again??


I will recommend a lot of people to use your service, you are a talent and you are good at what you do. Splendid work.


I will be getting married can take our close up before the wedding

Art Rose

heir love for each other is inspiring, and there’s no doubt that love will carry over in the way that they raise their little girl. I love the collection of these photos esp where they are together

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