First Birthday Cake Smash Session

What do you get when you combine Parisian décor, a white swan, a tiara, and LOTS of pink flowers? The perfect backdrop for a beautiful Swan Princess photo shoot. I can’t believe it, but this little beauty is already turning one!

Milana Turns One!

Milana  is the sweetest little girl. As soon as she came into the studio, her big smile and bright eyes lit up the room! I knew right away that photographing this little bundle of energy would be fun. And I was right. She waved her hands in the air at us, explored the set, and modeled her best poses. Milana was ready to celebrate her first birthday!

When it was time for the cake – beautifully decorated in layered shades of pink with a white swan on top – she thought it was just another decoration. And I had to agree, the work of art was almost too pretty to eat. But as soon as we showed her that it was food, she agreed to taste a few bites. This little beauty must have decided that cake smashing is not very ladylike, so she proceeded to just explore and pose a little more.

Time for a Cake Smash

Each baby is different. Some love to squish and smash the cake, some eat it by the handful, others poke and prod, while some ignore the mysterious frosted thing all together! Milana mostly avoided it – she was too busy being the star of the show. And her mother provided the perfect wardrobe for her little one to sparkle! I loved all of the delicate lace, tulle, and pearls, and baby Milana did, too! 

Since Baby Girl has a fall birthday, we added in a photo of her next to some neutrally-colored pumpkins that matched the Parisian backdrop. Dressed in a black kitty-cat outfit and sequined beret, this simple Halloween-esque photo is one of my favorites! It provides just a touch of holiday flair without going overboard, and it’s still as elegant as ever for this pretty baby girl.

Family Portraits

After the studio portraits, Mom, Dad, and baby Milana took the session outside for a few family portraits. The three of them look so lovely together, and Milana’s smile was even bigger when she was wrapped in her parents’ arms.

Schedule a Session

Helping you document your baby’s growth is my greatest joy as a child photographer. After raising my own kiddos, I know how fast this precious stage goes by, and as parents, we want to be able to look back on those sweet cheeks and toothy grins forever. Schedule a session with me today!

First Birthday Cake Smash Session
First Birthday Cake Smash Session
First Birthday Cake Smash Session
First Birthday Cake Smash Session
First Birthday Cake Smash Session
First Birthday Cake Smash Session
First Birthday Cake Smash Session
First Birthday Cake Smash Session
First Birthday Cake Smash Session
First Birthday Cake Smash Session

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Wilson Jake

Fantastic shoot all through. This little princess gat to win awards. Nice professional output.


With the addition of different materials, objects, figures and colours this little princess is still as elegant as ever for this pretty baby girl. Great shoot I most commend


These photos are amazing and heartwarming! Just like you said, some babies love to squish and smash the cake, I think mine will do this if she were on the photo session.

Obalade Damilola

This is one sweet little girl..She has great smiles too..

Obalade Damilola

This baby is cute..I love her smiles too


Capturing this special moments is a great way to create new memories..this are pictures one can look back at as adult and reminisce about the past.


Happy N day girl. Wow It is a bit too shiny for my taste but it is a good shot. Something that she will remember when she is older.


Happy B day Kid? In my area this can be done as well as part of a package. I love the background or theme of it. Paris huh? I have been there once.

Ogunyemi Segun

I can’t believe it, but this little beauty is already turning one! This can only be possible when you know that Dad and Mom loves you. Cute baby.

Art Rose

Milana is the sweetest little girl. What a beautiful picture and she is just a cool definition of beauty. Lovelies…

Obasa Funmilola

There is nothing than making a nice home as family. Happy birthday to you little princess. Sincerely speaking you made the nest out of them WS a professional photographer.

Oyeyipo Oladele

How I wish a can be a professional photographer as you are. Your captions are so accurate and perfectly take from the right angles. How can I meet you to learn this photography work from you man.


These photos are fine. She was good is smile

Meldred Judith

This concept is very nice for a first birthday party. I wish I can give my baby this.

David Tjoe

I am happy for you and your family! A happy family, save beautiful moments into photos. You have taken good pictures as a child photographer.


This shoot is really appealing. I feel like giving an adorable peck to the cutie in the photo


You are really a professional and you brought your expertise to bear here. I love this.


Wow, no body can take your brilliance work from you. You are good at what you know how to do best. Kudos


This family portrait is alluring. The baby is just too beautiful. I like all the photos

Danny Luei

Happy birthday, Milana … 🙂 Babies are so cute and adorable, so capturing them in photographs at special moments feels so perfect.


These photos are the real work of a photographer. They captured her every move and the outfit is perfect.

Maury Cheskes

Cutest kid I’ve ever seen and she has a lot of personality exemplified in these photos. The family and flower pics are beautifully shot and extremely heartwarming.


She is adorable isn’t she! I just love it!


I love babies, and love looking out for their 1st birthday because they are always gorgeously dressed especially for the photo sessions. This baby is really cute and really knows how to pose for the camera. Really lovely.


Awww, this baby is so beautiful and a charmer. The shots are professionally taken and the baby really does know how to take a picture. Lovely family

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