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Newborns are enthralling. Even for those who are not parents, the tiny miracles can catch the attention of everyone around without lifting a finger. At the grocery store, the park, or even on television, all heads turn when a newborn appears. Their tininess and newness captivate all who are in their presence even if they are snoozing away, oblivious to all of the attention they draw.

I was so delighted to have the pleasure of capturing this little one’s first portraits at only NINE days old!! Baby Sophia was just gorgeous. I could not stop looking at her tiny toes and fingers, her soft rosy cheeks and her rosebud newborn lips—she’s the essence of perfection.

Lovely in Lilac

Her parents’ favorite color for her and the one they chose for her nursery is lilac. I thought that was beautifully fitting as lilac often symbolizes youthful innocence and the color of first love. No doubt she has already won the affection of her parents’ hearts the moment she was born. All that to say, I made sure to include plenty of lilac in this shoot so they can incorporate these portraits into her nursery.

I had a lot of fun with this newborn shoot because I was able to express my creative side. We used different props to create a great collection of looks and styles. I really love the hanging wreath pictures. In the first one, baby Sophia looks like she is part of a beautiful painting. She is nestled on top of a white blanket surrounded by a woodsy background. She looks so peaceful and serene. I also love the elegant simplicity of the lilac headband with soft flowers paired with her adorable bloomers.

Another picture displays her with a tiny tiara, showcasing her as the littlest princess that she is. The picture of her sleeping away in a tiny doll bed surrounded by miniature potted plants has a cute rustic cottage feel to it. And then finally, I also made sure to include a simple, neutral portrait of sweet Sophia wearing a snuggly baby hat and holding a teddy bear—this photo would be a perfect timeless keepsake, and her parents can use it anywhere since it is not tied to a color theme.

Overall, I loved how these portraits came out, and I hope that her parent’s do, too! Sophia was just a doll and so easy to capture. She slept soundly throughout the session, but I know that even she will appreciate these precious pictures as she gets older. She will be able to see how much her parents adored her as they took the time to beautifully document her first few days in the world!

Oakton Newborn Studio PhotographerOakton Newborn Studio PhotographerOakton Newborn Studio PhotographerOakton Newborn Studio PhotographerOakton Newborn Studio PhotographerOakton Newborn Studio Photographer

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1 year ago

Tiny little miracle

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