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Meet Yeab, a mama who is expecting a baby girl soon! After meeting Yeab and her husband, Anteneh, I learned very quickly that one of their top values in life is family. These people are totally family oriented, and it is so inspiring to see the love they share for each other. They are so kind, generous, and affectionate towards one another. What a lucky little girl they are about to have! Hasset will be here very soon, and this family is so excited to welcome her home!

Precious Memories in the Making

We decided on doing an indoor/outdoor session to document this mama’s maternity photos. Let’s just start off by saying she is stunning, and looked amazing in every single outfit we had. She’s definitely showing the world what it means to “glow,” and I was in love with being able to capture such beautiful moments with her and her family! We started the session by taking a few photos of Yeab, Anteneh, and their 15 month old son, Yacob Anteneh. These three had so much fun together, and you can tell that their relationship is so strong. Yacob is such a smiley little baby, and enjoyed being held by his mommy and daddy. He is going to be such a great big brother! I so wish I could be there to see how he responds to little Hasset. I bet his parents’ hearts are going to melt when they see those two together!
We went outside for the second part of the session, and this is where Yeab wore my favorite outfit of the day. The green dress hugged her baby bump so sweetly, and it was easy to capture the movement of the wind in the train. She looked stunning in green, it totally suited her well! I’m convinced that she would look good in anything! Such a beautiful mama! She had Grandmom with her, Almaz, as well as sister, Asqual. I was so happy she was able to include Almaz and Asqual in her maternity session. They mean the world to her, and are going to play a huge role in little Hasset’s life when she arrives!
I had a great day with Yeab and her family, and I am so looking forward to seeing her sweet baby girl! These folks are so blessed to have their wonderful children, as well as other family to provide them with a home full of love.
Oakton, VA Outdoor Maternity PhotographerOakton, VA Outdoor Maternity Photographer
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