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I am so excited to announce that I am one of 9 international judges for the Share Your Bliss photo contest. Take a look at the latest Photo Contest. 

Hello, readers. We are excited to announce the addition of Nataly Danilova to our panel of judges for the Share Your Bliss photo contest. Nataly’s delightful photographs of ​mothers-to-be​, babies​ and ​toddlers​ shows that she understands the concept of capturing blissful moments.

In joining our panel of judges, Nataly’s contribution will help in our battle against substance abuse ​addiction​ and the accompanying stigma, which continues to terrorize our country. You might be wondering, however, “What does this have to do with a photo contest?”

Well, our contest (which you can learn more about or enter ​here​) is part of a larger effort to acknowledge the wonders of blissful moments and the healing benefits they provide for people in addiction recovery. For anyone in recovery, these small moments of joy can lead to stronger feelings of renewal and hope. Feelings that ultimately enhance the recovery process. 

Thank you again, Nataly, for joining us in helping select a winner from the entries to our Share Your Bliss photo contest. Your contribution will change lives.
Erika Lawson

Photo contest

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Awards and Certifications

Nataly Danilova Photography is a multi award winning baby and newborn photographer certified by the National Photographers Association and proud member of Best Newborn Photographer Association as well as Professional Photographers of America.

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