Very Hungry Caterpillar | Alexandra’s 1st Birthday

I always enjoy hearing the ideas parents have for their babies’ first birthdays. I think they get more creative every year, and just when I think I’ve seen them all, another adorable theme pops up. I also love it when parents plan sessions or birthday themes around their kiddos’ personalities. The kids love seeing the characters from their favorite books or movies all around them in the décor. Dressing up in their favorite colors and going all out with sparkles for the glitter-loving princesses always brings out a few extra smiles and giggles. Sure, they may not remember the party a few years from now, but they certainly enjoy it in the moment. And, I’d like to think that they joy and love they feel surrounding them sticks with them forever. If you ask me, I think it’s great to splurge a little on that first birthday. It’s not just for the parents like everyone thinks. The little ones really do enjoy it, too. They can sense that the day is special and the spotlight is on them. Plus, the cake smash is equally enjoyable for both the baby and everyone watching! Are you searching for Baby Photographer DC? Nataly Danilova Photography is the best option for you.

Alexandra's Birthday Bash

For this precious first birthday session, mom and dad chose The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme, which is Alexandra’s favorite book. I had so much fun with her mom, Ingrid, organizing the whole thing, and I love how it turned out! She had a little red cake topped with a fun green caterpillar. The props included number blocks, colorful balloons, and personalized banner. The little caterpillar riding toy was the cherry on top (easily Alexandra’s favorite part of the session)!

Alexandra is the cutest little girl, bursting with personality and the most beautiful curly hair! Ingrid picked several darling dresses for her to wear: one with bright polka dots on the skirt, and another lime green ruffled dress. Alexandra looked like a little princess. She was somewhat hesitant about the bright red icing, but she still tasted it for good measure. She was a tough one to crack, but as soon as we brought out the rolling caterpillar, her grin spread from ear to ear. Her sweet giggle was contagious, and I had a blast capturing her joy. At the end, I brought out a vintage sofa to do a few more formal family portraits. The years go so fast at this stage, so I know how important it is to capture moments as a family when you can. Why not make a birthday session a 2-ini-1 family photo op, too!? Are you searching for Family Photographer DC? Nataly Danilova Photography is the most reputed company that leading the pride.


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Vera M
5 years ago

Nice work. Love this idea for smash cake decorations.

Victoria Vasilyeva
5 years ago

Alexandra is just adorable!
I love all these decorations so much because VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR is my son’s favorite book ever too.

kristina telnov
5 years ago

what a wonderful session, love it

Marina Misra
5 years ago

Beautiful portraits. I love that you chose this fun photo theme. Everyone loves this adorable book!

Olga Polo
5 years ago

So bright and colorful! Beautiful session and the girl is adorable!

Olga Kulakova
5 years ago

Beautiful family! Great bright colors!

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