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The little boy Karen is waiting to welcome is a bright spot in a dark phase of life for her and her two girls.  The family was riding the high of finding out they would be welcoming another child into their lives.  She and her husband could not have been more thrilled, and their daughters were just as excited.  Tragically their lives took a turn that no one expected.  Karen lost her husband recently.  The weight of losing a husband, carrying for two girls, all while being pregnant, is beyond imaginable.

Even if just for a moment, I wanted to be sure her maternity session was a fun and uplifting experience.  A time for her to feel beautiful and inspired, to forget about anything troubling and focus on the positives.  Sometimes in a difficult moment it is hard to remember all the blessings and good things that remain.

Hand-Picked on Earth by my Daddy in Heaven

It was important for us to honor the memory of her late husband, so that he would know how much his daddy loved him.  The little onsie was a great way to do this.  It says “hand picked on earth by my daddy in heaven”, a reminder that he is watching over his little man from above.  This family now has their own guardian angel, always looking over them.  When the sun shines, he is is smiling down.  The rain are his tears for the pain his family feels in his absence, but he is always there.
Karen looked gorgeous the day of her session.  I love all of the gowns she chose.  She stuck with shade of blue for her color pallet, but the shapes, fabrics and silhouettes were all very different.  Her girls joined her for a few frames.  It was beautiful to see these pure young ladies in white, next to their gorgeous Mom, all anxious to meet their sweet blessing.  The girls were filled with excitement and it was fun to make them feel special too.
This baby boy is sure to be a reminder of the one they have lost.  Every day they will look at him and see their father or husband and smile at the fact that he lives on in each of them.  He is sure to bring joy and happiness to this amazing family and do wonderful things on this world that would make his father proud.  My hope is that these images remind them of the good things in this phase of their lives, the blessing, and things that they have to be thankful for.  This little boy is sure to bring great happiness to this beautiful family.  May the future be filled with bright days and happiness, and may this session and the images that came out of it bring a a smile each time they look back on them.
Washington Maternity Family PhotographerWashington Maternity Family PhotographerWashington Maternity Family PhotographerWashington Maternity Family PhotographerWashington Maternity Family PhotographerWashington Maternity Family PhotographerWashington Maternity Family Photographer
Capturing these moments and memories for Karen and her girls as their Washington Maternity Family Photographer was such an honor!

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