Newborn Photographer DC

Newborn Photographer DC

How To Choose The Perfect Newborn Photographer In DC

If you just gave birth to a baby boy or girl or you are currently expecting your baby, you may want to take pictures of them. You should be looking forward to hiring a newborn photographer in DC to take some pretty pictures of your beautiful newborn baby. Chances are you don’t even have an idea of where to begin your search and what to look out for.

With the dozens of digital cameras out there, a lot of people has overnight become newborn photographers. How do you pick the most qualified and experienced one? Finding the perfect newborn photographer amongst the numerous photographers out there can sometimes be challenging.

Your baby can only be this little once, so finding a photographer that can capture this amazing time in the life of your baby is a very important decision you wouldn’t want to make lightly. So it is very important to look for a photographer that has experience in photographing babies, a photographer that you love his/her style or taking photos.

Listed below are some tips to help you choose the perfect newborn photographer in DC.


When it comes to baby photography, there are three major styles involved: documentary, lifestyle, and posed. It is vital that you begin by selecting the styles you are attracted to as this will save you some time when looking for the right baby photographer. Knowing the style you want will help you narrow down your search.

This will help you choose a photographer that is good at the style you love. A photographer that is very good at wrapping babies, posing them on different blankets and using different props might not be good in other styles. If you love posed newborn photographs, then you have to look for a newborn photographer in DC that has a lot of experience in taking posed newborn photographs. It is also very important you go for a professional newborn photographer who observes basic safety rules, as some amateurs and novice do not adhere to basic safety rules.

If you love candid moments, then documentary or lifestyle will be a perfect choice for you. Documentary and lifestyle focus on capturing real moments. It is a very relaxed photo session, and the photographer will focus on the connections and emotions between the mother or other family members and the baby.


It takes quite some time to become good at anything, and baby photography is not an exception. The more experienced the baby photographer is, the better shots they will be able to provide you with. Experienced newborn photographers in DC get more consistent and better results. They are also more confident at handling some difficult photo sessions (when babies are crying or don’t want to settle for the shoots).

Going for a more advanced and experienced baby photographer means you can spend more than what you’d spend on a beginner, but you will definitely get the value of your money back.

Insured and Registered Newborn Photographer

It is vital for you to know if the photographer is functioning as a professional photographer. This means the business of the photographer should be registered and fully insured. You have to make sure you are covered if anything happens.


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