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What is it about big blue eyes that draw us in and leave us helplessly in adoration? They say that they eyes are the windows to the soul. If such a sentiment is right, this little boy’s soul is simply stunning. I was so excited to work with Jacob and his sweet mama during this baby session. She reached out to me letting me know that she had a vision of a simplistic session, allowing little Jacob and his sweet eyes to shine. And shine they did!

Blue Eyed Bundle of Joy

Since Jacob was five months old at the time of his session, we had to be a little more creative in the way we approached our time together. Newborn photography typically takes place in the first two weeks after birth. During those kind of sessions, the little ones are typically sleeping most of the time if not all of it. Lucky for us, little Jacob was not sleepy at all! Which allowed us the lucky opportunity to sneak plenty of peeks at those baby blues. Swoon!

We started our session surrounding Jacob in a ring of fall leaves. I love capturing image perfect for each season, and some perfect for any time of year. That way, there is always a perfect picture on hand for any occasion. His delicate skin stood out so clearly against the crumbly leaves and green swaddling blanket. Isn’t contrast a beautiful thing?!

Next, we moved him onto a royal blue background, lying on the fluffiest white blanket I could find. As you can easily guess, blue is definitely this boy’s color! He looked simply stunning surrounded by the very color that accented his eyes so well. One of my favorite shots of little Jacob though was of him in my favorite bear cap. What an absolute cutie! I can’t stop smiling as I scroll back and forth through this collection.

I am so thankful that I was able to work with this stunning little man and his sweet mama J

McLean, VA Baby Photographer

McLean, VA Baby PhotographerMcLean, VA Baby PhotographerMcLean, VA Baby PhotographerMcLean, VA Baby PhotographerMcLean, VA Baby PhotographerMcLean, VA Baby PhotographerMcLean, VA Baby PhotographerMcLean, VA Baby PhotographerMcLean, VA Baby Photographer

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1 year ago

Handsome baby

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