Toddler girls photo session

Where: in our studio in Nothern VA or outdoor.

This session is for 6 -24 month-old babies when your baby began to learn how to sit securely, or even began to walk. It is obvious that toddler photography can be a hard. They never want to stay still, they are not able to wait at least one second at one place, they will never look at the camera. Kids are so active at this age, but on the other hand they tend to be very easy to entertain and it is so easy  to make them smile and giggle. I will never forget these little funny giggling faces they show us! They are very curious, they learn how to play, they like colors, it is so easy to achieve their adorable smile with a simple peek-a-boo game.

I offer special package for toddler girl session. Each package include rompers, dresses, outfits, my featured flower bonnets, different backgrounds, props and accessories.


Nataly Danilova Photography


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